8 String Guitar Tuning – All You Need to Know!


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8 String Guitar Tuning – Some Common and Uncommon Options

8 String Guitar Tuning

So, you want some information about 8 string guitar tuning? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Since an 8 string guitar has two additional strings compared to the traditional 6 string guitar, there are obviously different tuning combinations that become possible. In fact, these additional tuning options are one of the most common reasons why guitarists seek out eight string guitars in the first place! Below is a compilation of possible tunings for these guitars:

1. G C F Bb Eb G# C F

2. F Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

3. A E A D G B E A

4. E A E A D G B E

5. C E Ab C E Ab C E

6. E B G D A E B E

7. B E A D G B E A

8. F# B E A D G B E

9. E A D G C F A E

10. F# B E A D G C F

11. A D E A D G B E

12. D# A# F# C# G# D# A# F#

13. Bb F C G D A C D

14. B E A D G C F Bb

15. E A D G C F A D

16. Bb F C G B E A D

17. A E A D G C E A

18. E A D A D G B E

19. Eb Ab Db Gb B E Ab D

20. A D G C F A D G

21. E B E A D G B E

22. Eb Bb Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

23. D A D G C F A D

8 String Guitar Tuning in Action

Here’s a video demonstration of the possibilities of the AEADGBEA tuning:

Youtube video demonstrating some possible tunings:

Video of Tosin Abasi describing the tuning of his Ibanez RG2228 8 string guitar:

8 String Guitar Tuning Tool

Check out this great free tool that will allow you to find the perfect tuning for your 8 string guitar!


We hope you have found this page on 8 string guitar tuning helpful! If you have any tunings you’d like to add, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll add the tuning to the list on this page! If you have the tuning part down and would like to learn more about these guitars, be sure to check out http://www.guitarcasa.com/best-8-string-guitar/.

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  • Andrew Hodges

    D G D G C F A D

  • Vaughn Quinlan

    C G D A D G B E

    Similar to a Cello on the bottom (Tuned in fifths), but like a regular drop D tuned guitar on the top.